Mic ideas for acoustic guitar


Any decent cheap(er) mics for recording acoustic guitar?

healthyrobloxian Answered question May 5, 2022

Just a quick list:

Shure SM57 – Studio workhorse, very affordable and surprisingly good on acoustic guitar

AKG C414 (XLS or XLII) – Another studio workhorse. Not budget but not high end (price) either. Good on just about everything

Neumann KM184 – Similar price to the AKG, a bit more specialist but great on acoustic guitar. Needs “shaping” carefully as can be a bit bright.

I look forward to others opinions on this too, might find a new favorite.

the_marsh Answered question April 13, 2022

I second the SM57 for a great sounding a very great priced mic. My staple for acoustic and electric cabs with other mics for additional options and tests.

I always try and at least capture the performance with an SM57.

healthyrobloxian Answered question May 5, 2022

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