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I am seeing a lot of ads from some artists that claim to have had success with spotify and had millions of plays for their music and are now selling courses on how to do it. Has anyone here used any of these course? Are they worth it and do they do what is claimed?



sasuke2016 Answered question February 14, 2022

Getting to know how to gain spotify plays is worth learning. Don’t know what courses are being mentioned though. Any links?

sasuke2016 Answered question February 14, 2022

I’m dubious about them. Some ads I’ve seen seem to be peddling false hope over encouraging quality song writing and production.

capdisillusion Answered question December 16, 2021

I’m seeing more of these ads and courses popping up and would be interested in what people think of them.

danm Answered question July 26, 2021

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