what aucoustic guitar would be great for a beginner?

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If anyone can help what would be a relativley cheap but good aucoustic guitar.

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Hey TMC.

This would depend on what style guitar or music you’ll be learning to play. As a starter, a classical or Spanish guitar can be more forgiving on the fingers and also offer a nice sound for many beginner songs, especially if you are going more traditional based learning and learning finger picking early on. However, if you are going rock or indie and want to strum chords mainly, then a standard acoustic guitar with metal wound stings would suit.

I wouldn’t spend too much at this stage (down to your budget though) until you’ve got the bug but Yamaha and Fender do some decent entry level priced acoustic guitars.

So, start with what style and techniques you’ll be learning and have a try on a couple of types in store. You’ll get an idea of the feel and what sound you like. Having the guitar feel comfortable as you move up and down the fretboard and a sound that is appealing to you will help push you to learn more.

Don’t be intimidated by other people in the store, we all started as beginners at some stage 🙂

tmc Posted new comment December 23, 2021

thankyou that was quite in depth so what ur saying is go cheap and see what i like


Whatever you can get your hands on really. Don’t worry too much about brand at the very beginning, just learn and play, the rest will come.

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Yeah that sounds good thankyou

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